Wednesday, 27 February 2013

it goes in and out like anything

There is something very satisfying about things that fit exactly- maybe I've been influenced by reading Winnie the Pooh at an impressionable age, the part where Piglit gives Eeyore a deflated balloon for his birthday and Eeyore is pleased to find that it exactly fits the empty honey jar that Pooh has given him. "It goes in and out like anything!"

I am slightly obsessed with making hexagons from all my leftover bits of fabric. I've just worked out that I've been making them for a year, and if I keep going I might have enough for a king-sized quilt by the time I'm about 94!
It's very satisfying to use up all those little bits (the hexagons use pieces two and a half inches square), and of course they fit together 'like anything'..... but really the best bit is my little hexagon-making tin:

... exactly the right size for taking my hexagon production line with me anywhere- scissors, cotton, fabric, paper templates and tiny eggcup pincushion...

and pleasingly, exactly the right size to fit a finished hexie flower:

.. so a big thank you to whoever makes tins of 'Delicious Tivoli Cookies'!

Not to mention whoever makes Scottish shortbread in tartan tins:

for the finished individual hexies.

And here are two more extremely lovely things whose contents fit perfectly:

how could anyone resist these two lovely needlework 'housewives'?

The tiny one is only about two inches long! 

Maybe that's enough about my obsessions, but then there's the one about teeny tiny things that are just like big things, but smaller.......


  1. Oh, a bed full of flowers, very Lady Chatterley..........

  2. Wow! I love those little flowers. Amazing! Since starting to read more quilting blogs, I found all sorts of wonderful things to do with itty bitty scraps, and this is another great one to add to that list! So cute.
    Jessica @ A Bushel and A Peck

  3. Love your hexies. I've been working away on mine for eight months now and just like you I've got a tin that works as a the perfect travel companion! :D

    Stopping by from Small Blog Meet.

    1. Nice to meet another hexies addict- I find sewing a few hexies whilst watching TV or waiting for an appointment most relaxing!

    2. Definitely! Also, great on the train or when waiting for your number to be called at the citizen centre!

  4. Stopping by from the Small Blog Meet. So impressed by your paper piecing. Not something I've tried - need to cultivate my patience more first. But I really love how beautiful they all look laid out on your bed.

  5. I have no patience! I think the secret is not to think about the finished object, (especially as it will take me years to join all those flowers together!) and to have several projects going at once, to fend off boredom....


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