Saturday, 25 January 2014

oh my ears and whiskers...

So many interesting things to do, so little time...

I think I can honestly say I don't know what it is to be bored, here at home anyway (plenty of that in the day job, but that's another story. If I could take my sewing to work with me I could fill in the boring bits quite easily!).

Its probably because its the start of a new year that I've been taking stock of my many different projects...

Next month my hexagon obsession will celebrate its second birthday- joining the bits together takes AGES, as I only do it in the evenings while half asleep in front of the fire, but one day I'll have a quilt big enough for our bed, once these:

have been attached to these:

Then I'd like to make another one with GREAT BIG hexies, just for the joy of finishing it at faster-than-glacial-speed..

(and maybe have a go at machine-pieced hexies too...)

Then there's this quilt:

... (with lovely Daisy!) which has been up on the wall for months now. I think its finally ready to be joined together which is just as well because next week I'm going with a friend to choose fabric to make her a quilt, which will of course take priority.

Meanwhile, I have a piece of lovely soft double voile which I am dithering about cutting into. I'm thinking of a simple tunic-shaped dress, but I want to try out the pattern with a piece of old sheet first.

I've also promised to make some more little purses and phone cases for Jenny at Handmade Happiness,

and I want to experiment with more fabric bead jewellery....

And one day these pieces from an upholstery sample book will magically transform themselves into new covers for the kitchen dining chairs- I've bought the big dangerous stapler, so there's really no excuse (except fear of stapling myself to a chair) for not getting on with it.

Now its getting slightly lighter in the evenings, and it will soon be time for sowing seeds for the garden (if it EVER stops raining). At least when the weather is so awful there's no better place than indoors surrounded by bits of fabric.

I'm hoping that now I've publicly declared a few of my various unfinished things I'll actually finish some of them before being distracted by more!

Just as well I've always said I'd prefer to have on my gravestone "she made exciting things and ate a lot of CAKE" and not "she had a nice tidy (beige) house and cleaned her grouting weekly with a toothbrush"...


  1. I so agree with your excitement at remaining at home to have lots of fun making and sewing things. Had to laugh about taking your sewing to work... I've pondered the very same idea. Lovely projects here, the little zippered bag looks like a fun thing I could make for my 9 year old grand daughter, she would love it.

  2. Lots of lovely things to be getting on with there - I'd find choosing which one to work on a real problem!

  3. Well my dear, you know on 'our' days bringing your sewing to work is compulsory! ( Where do we work again..?) Jam/cake.... ring any bells!!


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