Friday, 31 May 2013

pink is the colour

Pink is certainly the colour in the garden at the moment, I've never seen so much apple blossom on the trees! We had no apples at all last year after the horrible wet spring, so this year Mr P is looking forward even more than usual to his cider making. I am rather scared of his murky brew, so I am looking forward to lots of apple crumbles!

The countryside is bursting with stunning wildflowers too, we walked through the woods on Monday and the wild garlic was like a blanket of snow under the trees

and the bluebells have been wonderful too.

Pink will also be the colour of the moment on Sunday 16th June, when I will be joining in the Race For Life with a friend in Bath. As I and my sister have both recovered from breast cancer it will feel good to be able to help raise money for research into this horrible disease.

My friend will be bringing her mascot bear, so of course he needs his own Race for Life tee shirt:

... and after the race (or walk, in my case!) He can relax in his new cosy hoody!

Mr P wants to know why I am making clothes for bears when I could be making his new shirt! All in good time....

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photos of the flowers. Best of luck with the Race for Life and with that little bear in all his finery I am sure you and your sister will do well. Mr P will just have to learn to be patient a while longer won't he?!!


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