Monday, 22 April 2013

hellebores and pantouffles

What a beautiful weekend! Sun! Flowers! Cats sunning themselves in the greenhouse!

Luckily, deer don't seem to like eating hellebores:

I hope they take themselves off before its time to plant out the runner beans, though.

Its harder to concentrate on sewing when its so beautiful, so I don't mind that the weather has reverted to not-so-nice today. I have been making a bag that's meant to fold up and lurk in your handbag for impromptu shopping needs.

I challenged myself to make it from a fat quarter of fabric, plus a remnant of contrasting fabric for the bottom and the inside of the straps.

I wonder if I'll need to add instructions if I sell these? Or will people understand that's what the button is for?

Now back in front of the wood burner. In honour of the change in the weather I have downgraded from my enormous sheepskin slippers to an exciting new pair of Turkish (Moroccan?) pantouffles, although still with Big Socks, its not that Spring-like yet!


  1. Great bag - perhaps you could have one folded when you display them for those unimaginative souls who can't figure it out for themselves? Love the pantouffles too.

  2. All I can say is 'Oh Carol'...........wonderful as usual, my only criticism is/are the socks.... not home knitted!


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